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2016 the International Session of MIND Forum for China Education

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On 8th November, the International Branch of Mind Forum for China Education was held in Tsinghua Ziguang International Communication Centre, which was themed by broadening Chinese Students’ International Views of promoting Sino-foreign educational two-way communication. Almost hundreds of educational directors, headmasters and educational professors from U.S, Finland, Australia and China, came together to explore the trend of education, by mixing international views and Chinese development to push forward international education and construct the international educational Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.

As is known, international education is gradually becoming the compulsory course for Chinese students, and there are more and more Chinese students going abroad for international education. Equally, there are more and more international students stepping into China for Chinese culture and education. This forum was an important part of MIND International Education Forum, which was held by MIND EDUCATION, a domestically well-known study tour institute, a New three-board listed company. "Finnish basic education concept", "fish and fisheries phase grant - Sino-foreign cooperative education practice", "Australian basic education", "quality education - Sino-US summer camp”, and "primary and secondary students travel industry standards project progress" were reported on the forum.

Mr. Kevin Spensley (U.S.) pointed out that education based on core literacy required a change in teaching and learning. The concept of “students-centered” could stimulate students' original experience, promote student initiative learning, help meet different students’ requirements, and promote the core literacy cultivation.

“Knowing how to think and owning an international perspective are real things to learn. In Australia, the task of basic education is not only to offer knowledge, but also to cultivate people. In addition to teaching communication skills, Australian schools also promote self-discipline, self-esteem, respect for students and care for the rest of the world. They emphasize the importance of general education, including teamwork, self-expression and personal development, which are taught outside of the classroom. In addition to learning, psychological growth and cultural integration are often greater challenges facing up to students, "said Mr. Huang Shisong of Australia.

Markku Kankkunen, Minister of Education and Cultural Development, Savonlinna, Finland, elaborated on the requirements and challenge of global education in the 21st century in terms of Finnish educational system, Finnish educational philosophy, Finnish educational goals, and international educational cooperation. He said “Education is the most important task of human beings. Throughout the history, education is regarded as a powerful tool for challenging tasks in any society. Both the schools and the whole society should be involved in education.”

" It is not a certain teacher, a certain classroom, or a certain school, but the whole team of teachers, the whole schools and the whole society that should assume the students’ learning and development." Emily Hong YueGuo, president of Sibo Education, pointed out that connecting, learning, adopting and adapting were the ways to realize differentiated cooperation. A suitable foreign school, which can be a tangible model for domestic school, a good sister school relationship can help both sides to establish a good exchange relations by organizing exchange visits. The most important thing is to adapt to meet the requirements of domestic schools.

It is reported that the Chinese and foreign sides show the ultimate self-characteristics of educational elements, while talking about the teacher-student relationship, differentiated education, personality training and other basic education hot topics. With the help of MIND EDUCATION, the U.S. and Finnish primary and secondary schools signed agreements with schools for Hunan, Guizhou, Henan and some other provinces. It is particularly worth mentioning that the Education Bureau of Yuhua District of Changsha signed a friendship agreement on educational exchange and cooperation with Savonlinna, Finland. The signing of this cooperation agreement is an important milestone. Both sides will provided a platform to jointly promote the healthy development of international education by sharing more resources.

WANG Ruijing, the Legal Department Director, pointed out: “As the main commitment unit of Chinese primary and secondary school students' study tour projects, MIND EDUCATION insists on the standards of "safety, education, culture and green", and puts forward that there is no summer camp without security, and there is no study tour without security. Study tour is the classroom on the road and an extension of classroom education, campus education. The organizers should create a safe learning environment for children by following industry standards, while ensuring that summer camps are equipped with curriculum concepts and cultural kernels. After issuing the industry standard, MIND EDUCATION will continue improving the enterprise standards. MIND EDUCATION standard is a dynamic development system. It will upgrade corporate standards according to the requirements of students, education ecological changes, changes in policies and regulations in order to promote the quality education.”

“Talents cultivating was a long-term work, which required a spirit of perseverance and broad vision. It is wise and important to invest in education, transform the world and elevate international education to a new level. International Education is an important segment of MIND EDUCATION. This was the first time that MIND EDUCATION held international education forum. In the future, MIND EDUCATION will invest more resources in the development of international education and we hope that in the coming two or three years MIND EDUCAION will have a great influence and significantly promote on Sino-foreign cooperative education, overseas study and international short-term study tour.” The CEO of MIND EDUCATION said.

Thousands of years ago, the first exchange began between the east and the west on the Silk Road. Today, the International Session of Mind Forum for China Education establishes a contemporary “The Silk Road” which makes worldwide students come close to China while leading Chinese student step into world. It’s known that the Mind Forum for China Education devotes itself to providing a platform for those intelligent scholars including those commissioners of education and headmasters of primary and secondary schools who have been working on education reform seriously for a long time. It also devoted itself to building a “Lecture Room” and then “Davos Forum” for Chinese education years later