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2002-2005 · Pre-history

Come into being in the form of direct marketing with an annual scale of 2,000 people.

Summer camp stopped during the period of SARS. The program lied dormant but still existed.

Established the team of summer camp counselors, which was called “Spark” later. The initial members were all students of Tsinghua University and Peking University.

The founding team formed, with a lot of male students of Tsinghua University with engineering-relevant majors.

2006 · Establishment

Founded and registered, with the name of the enterprise adopted from the opening words of The Great Learning.

Signed contract with School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua University, and the event was named “Tsinghua University Science and Technology Summer (Winter) Camp”.

The number of participant in Beijing camp alone exceeded 10,000.

Held the first National Basic Education Forum.

2007 · Smooth Development

The first international camp was launched. Over 60 people from Quanzhou No.7 High School Fujian China went to America for a study tour lasting 2 weeks.

The business covered nationwide, and “Spark” began to cause a great “fire”, with orders of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions also received.

Declaration: “Education is the aim of the summer camp, and counselor is the soul”, “Ensuring safety, high standards and no shopping”

The annual achievement exceeded 20,000rmb, ranking the top in the industry of summer camp

2008 · Facing Challenges

Business covered nationwide, and the branch in Shanghai and office in Hangzhou were founded. The spark conferences were held in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Changsha and Guangzhou consecutively.

The performance was greatly thwarted because of the bad climate and unstable situation, like the icing and snow disaster, the Tibetan unrest, Wenchuan Earthquake and Beijing Olympic security.

Created A Epigraph of Encouragement, to express Mind Education’s determination, and the song of summer camp I can do anything.

Passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, and created the first summer camp operation and management information platform in China.

Contract with Tsinghua University expired, and the brand of “Mind Education – Summer Camp” was officially promoted

2009 · Suffocation

H1N1 raged and the nation adopted strong prevention and control measures. Ministry of Education issued a document, announcing the events that were not necessary couldn’t be held, thus losing orders with total number of customers reaching 20,000.

The annual reception customers were less than 30,000. With strict prevention, control and screening measures, no case of H1N1 was occurred.

Granted with the (only) membership of International Camping Fellowship (IFC) in Mainland China and Certificate of High and New Technology Enterprise in Beijing.

Launched inbound summer camp and the Green Party themed camp.

Hired Wang Wenzhan and Shen Zhenji as consultants, receiving great help.

2010 · Outbreak

Hosted nearly 60,000 people in summer, and nearly 80,000 the whole year. Deep disasters resurrected the industry.

Trademarks like Mind Education, Green Party and Principal Forum, etc. were registered in the Trademark Office of The State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

Co-hosted the first Zhongguancun Technology and Education Tourism Festival hosted by Haidian District government and got commendation.

Awarded the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Base of the Youth League Central Committee, Beijing Credit Enterprise, Excellent Party Branch of Haidian District, CNNIC Trusted Website Demonstration Enterprise

Organizing 300 outstanding summer camp counselors for a trip to the great mountain and ocean. Students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Jiaotong University gathered in Mount Taishan.

2011 · Strategy

Hosted 80,000 people in summer and nearly 100,000 people the whole year. The largest number of customers hosted in a single day reached 20,000. The industry was shocked.

Launched international strategy. Wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong region, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Chicago were registered and founded. The Xi’an branch was also set up.

The Spark team covered students from over 10 top universities in China, like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Remin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Jiaotong University, Tongji University and so on.

Full-time employee exceeded 100 people, and the operation revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, reaching a new level of entrepreneurship.

Obtained the exit qualification license issued by China National Tourism Administration.

2012 · Standard

Internal standard and management system was vigorously promoted, and started to develop the summer camp industry standard in China.

Signed a donation agreement with Tsinghua University Education Foundation, valued at 20 million yuan.

Launched the creative video project, and the first piece of work, Touch Children’s Hearts from This Moment, was very well received online.

Members of inbound camps came from America, UK, Canada, Malaysia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong region.

Launched the parent-child camp and the marketing positioning was clarified, which was “Mind Education 3-18”.

Held for many times the “Love in Mind Education” events for summer camp counselors and hundreds of couples were successfully matched.

2013 · Civilizing

The central government kept emphasizing on the core ideas of education, that were “morality nurtures people and practice cultivates people” and “construction of ideology and morality of juveniles”.

Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China promoted strongly the policy of “study tour”. The first batch of pilot provinces included Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shaanxi.

Mr. Wang Dinghua, Director of Department of Basic Education I of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China inspected Mind Education.

Started a magazine of education ideas targeting university students.

The 11th National Basic Education Forum was held outside Beijing for the first time, co-hosted by Hefei Bureau of Education, with 1,500 principals attending the forum.

Awarded the Most Influential Education Group of Year 2013 selected by NetEase.

Started to write Declaration of Mind Education and became devoted to the research and development of concepts and policies. “Become down-to-earth when doing business, and stay calm and peaceful when doing researches”.

Launched the public welfare event of “Hundreds of bureaus and thousands of schools”. Organized experts and doctors to do public welfare speak tours nationwide, covering hundreds of bureaus and thousands of middle and primary schools every year.

2014 · Capital

Held the life service section of the 14th National College Students Track and Field Championships.

The 12th National Basic Education Forum was held in Xi’an, Director Wang Dinghua attended the forum and gave a lecture under the topic of “study tour”.

The delegation of the chairman of ICF visited Mind Education, and Mind Education led the delegation of Mainland China to Turkey to attend the 11st International Summer Camp Conference.

Renowned schools like Affiliated Middle School to Jilin University, Beijing National Day School and so on conducted an open bidding on study tour, and Mind Education won.

The Standard of Summer Camp Industry in China was officially issued.

Mind Education established the Summer Camp Security Foundation and set up a comprehensive summer camp security system covering the whole process.

The subsidiary Green Party operated independently.

Completed Series A financing, with nearly 300 million yuan of value assessment, and Ctrip became the second largest shareholder of Mind Education.

2015 · Exceeding 100,000rmb

The annual performance exceeded 10,000rmb and reached nearly 20,000rmb, realizing a historic breakthrough.

The initiative of “Two Beijing” was effective. The upgrading of Beijing Camp was completed and the Beijing market was fully exploited.

The spring and autumn tours and teachers’ training programs witnessed an exponential increase, with the number of participants of single season exceeding 10,000.

Completed the compilation of Threshold of Ming Education, and other agencies in the industry couldn't compete with Mind Education.

Moved to the Building B of TusPark. The office environment was totally upgraded.

Shouldered domestic and international study tour programs of top high schools in China, like The High School Affiliated to Remin University of China, Beijing National Day School, Tsinghua University High School, Northeast Yucai School, and so on.

The products of domestic and international study tour reached nearly 100, covering four continents in the world and eight regions in China.

The first summer camp GPS equipment was put into use in China to provide comprehensive protection for campers.

Completed Series B financing, with nearly 1 billion yuan of value assessment, and Mind Education was still the largest shareholder.

2016 · Republicanism

Key members underwent restructuring and the enterprise management concept of “Republicanism” was determined.

The annual performance exceeded 170,000rmb, with a growth rate of 50%, and the performance of teachers’ training and international programs were increasing rapidly.

Operation framework was restructured and three groups (function, business, resource) were set up and big business groups were formed.

4.20 press release was held successfully, and Mind Education led the 4.0 era of the industry of study tour.

Hierarchical management was applied to the sales part. 10 marshals, 10 generals and 20 unstoppable warriors were born.

Subsidiaries in Shanghai and Xi’an were founded. Sales branches in Guangzhou, Hefei and Hunan were established. And subsidiary of Mind Education Culture (Happy Journey) was founded.

Become further globally linked and whole-product linked, and effectively solved the difficult problem of the first/the last kilometer.

Security, human resources, marketing mechanism, brand mechanism and Spark mechanism were all established.

Successfully listed in the new OTC Market.

2017-2019 · Goals

To be listed in Growth Enterprise Market and become the No.1 stock of quality education in China.

To be able to provide green, safe and interesting summer camp services to teenagers nationwide and event worldwide.

The annual organization scale reaches 1 million people.

Have self-build summer camp camping ground and try to build summer camp private school.

2019- · Dream

To let every Chinese child have an experience of summer camp.

Strong youth leads to a powerful nation.