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2017 Beijing Study Tour— Visit Universities and Look to the Future

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Beijing, capital of China, is a world-renowned historical and cultural city.?It compiles Chinese?splendid?culture?and?art and owns its unique cultural?landscape and?many?places of interest. Students will explore the glorious past; experience the urban life of Beijing, witness a new era of cultural reform, which helps them to know the culture of Beijing in different aspects. Beijing owns over 1000 years’ history. It is the city of transformation, with fast-paced development thriving alongside historically significant sights like Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.


Let the international students relax themselves, broaden their horizon, learn Chinese, self-management, cooperation and develop individual potential etc.




Historical Sites: visit the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Summer Palace etc.

Scenic Spots: Visit the Olympic Stadium, Science?Museum. Recall the wonderful images of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Famous University: Go to Peking University and Tsinghua University, experience the atmosphere of these schools.

Chinese Non-material Heritage: Chinese acrobatics.

Service Standards:

1. Accommodatio: Student Apartment/Hotel (4 people a room, independent bathroom, air conditioner)

2. Meal: Nine dishes with one soup Chinese food

3. Transportation: Luxurious air conditioning bus

4. Insurance: Personal accident insurance and Medical insurance

5. Tutor: Peking University or Tsinghua University college counsellor full-itinerary guides

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